Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Now I understand why Palestinians did terrorist attacks"

More and more "Palestinian and Arab thugs" and "Israel's the victim" thingies on Forum Kompas. Makes me sick to my stomach, sometimes.

It's the occupation,you stupid!!!!!

This is from Yaara, Israel's Backyard.

A young man approaches the gate and calls us. I went towards him. He has good Hebrew and articulates himself well. But he is having a hard time putting the sentences together, going mad out of anger. He has a hard time talking. Angrily, he bangs the gate with his fists.

“Israel doesn’t want it to be better, it wants it to be worse. It’s no security for Israel, this gate, it’s taking our land. Now I understand why Palestinians did terrorist attacks. I’ll also want to do an attack eventually. We’re jailed here. Do Something. You Must.”

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