Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smile and Help

"Bassem" means smile.

"Ezra" means help.

Apa persamaan yang dimiliki Ezra dan Bassem? For me, they're both amazing human being.

Manusia suka mengkotak-kotakkan sesamanya.
Berdasarkan agama. Bangsa. Suku. Warna kulit. Status.
Padahal kita semua sama. Flesh and bone. Heart and mind.

Apa persamaan Ezra dan Bassem?
Keduanya percaya bahwa keadilan dan hak asasi manusia harus ditegakkan.
That humanity and justice shall prevail.
Keduanya mengorbankan diri mereka untuk itu.

Bassem tewas ketika melakukan protes damai menentang pembangunan tembok pemisah di Bil'in.
Ezra Nawi akan menjalani masa hukumannya 1 Juli besok.

Ketika sebagian dari kita masih sibuk mempermasalahkan perbedaan dan mengklaim superioritas, seorang Bassem yang muslim Palestina dan Ezra yang yahudi Israel membuktikan bahwa tingkat kemanusiaan tidaklah terkotak-kotak. That humanity IS universal. Shame on people who think it isn't.

Berikut adalah surat pribadi Ezra Nawi yang dimuat di The Nation.

Israel's Man of Conscience

My name is Ezra Nawi. I am a Jewish citizen of Israel.

I will be sentenced on the first of July after being found guilty of assaulting two police officers in 2007 while struggling against the demolition of a Palestinian house in Um El Hir, located in the southern part of the West Bank.

Of course the policemen who accused me of assaulting them are lying. Indeed, lying has become common within the Israeli police force, military and among the Jewish settlers.

After close to 140,000 letters were sent to Israeli officials in support of my activities in the occupied West Bank, the Ministry of Justice responded that I "provoke local residents."

This response reflects the culture of deceit that has taken over all official discourse relating to the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

After all, was I the one who poisoned and destroyed Palestinian water wells?

Was I the one who beat young Palestinian children?

Did I hit the elderly?

Did I poison the Palestinian residents' sheep?

Did I demolish homes and destroy tractors?

Did I block roads and restrict movement?

Was I the one who prevented people from connecting their homes to running water and electricity?

Did I forbid Palestinians from building homes?

Over the past eight years, I have seen with my own two eyes hundreds of abuses such as these and exposed them to the public--therefore I am considered a provocateur. I can only say that I am proud to be a provoker.

Because I am a provoker, the police together with their allies have threatened me, beaten me and arrested me on numerous occasions. And when I continued to "provoke" them, they did not hesitate to out me as a gay man; indeed, they spread rumors among the Palestinians with whom I work that I have AIDS.

One of the reasons I have been singled out has to do with who I am. It is difficult to explain, but as a Mizrahi Jew (descended from Jewish communities in the Arab and Muslim world), a gay man and a plumber, I do not belong to the elite of Israeli society and do not fit the stereotype of the Israeli peacenik--namely, an intellectual Jew of Ashkenazi decent. Actually, the police officers who constantly arrest me and I are part of the same social strata. I was programmed like them, have a similar accent, know their jargon and our historical background is comparable. And yet, in their eyes I am on and for the other side, the Palestinian side.

This simple fact seems to disturb them so much that they have to vilify me; that is the only way their worldview will continue making sense. I threaten them precisely because I undermine the categories and stereotypes through which they understand the world.

But the policemen are only actors on this stage. The military, civil administration and the judicial system are all working with the police, and all of them together follow the commands of their masters, the Jewish settlers.

This unholy alliance is extremely dangerous, because for them the end--gaining full control of the Land of Israel--justifies the means. In order to advance this end they dehumanize the Palestinians; and because the Palestinians in their eyes are not human, everything is permitted. They can steal their land, demolish their homes, steal their water, imprison them for no reason and at times even kill them. In Hebrew we say damam mutar, taking their blood is permissible.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that the evil I confront every day in the West Bank could not have been carried out without the Israeli court system. Judge Eilata Ziskind not only mistakenly found me guilty but she instructed the court to invite a translator for the sentencing, as if I do not speak Hebrew; in her mind I, a Mizrahi Jew, am a Palestinian Arab--and Arabs are, almost by definition, guilty. My case is merely part of a pattern. All the crimes committed by the state and its proxies in the territories over the past four decades were made kosher by the Israeli courts. Therefore, the courts are just as much to blame for the ongoing cruelty.

Because I am a provoker the state subjects me to continuing harassment, and yet I have remained persistent. What strengthens me and gives me energy is the widespread and constant support I have always received from political allies. When I was beaten by settlers, when my car was stolen, when I was arrested, I never felt alone. I know that thousands of people, both in Israel and abroad, support what we in Ta'ayush (Jewish-Arab Partnership) are doing against the occupation.

"Ezra" in Hebrew means help, and I know that in times of trouble I can rely on my friends for help.

So, don't expect me to buy their lies. That Palestinians are terrorists. That Jews or Muslims or Christians are bad. That all Israelis are coldblooded occupiers. That women are being opressed in Islam.
That gay or bikini-clad women are ignorant people.

Jadi next time kalau ada yang mengatakan Palestina adalah masalah SARA, atau mendukung Boycott Israel adalah bodoh dan dangkal, aku hanya perlu mengingat Bassem dan Ezra. Dan yakin bahwa mereka tidak sendiri dalam perjuangan mereka.

We're all doing our part. I'm doing my teeny tiny little part by reminding you of Bassem and Ezra.


Nike, Just Stop It.

If they were friends of yours, would you say "Well hey, that's their lot and they've just got to deal with it. That's part of economic development."
If that was your brother or sister or your mother would you be so dismissive of the injustice that they're facing?
(Jim Keady,Just Stop It Campaign)

Behind The Swoosh

Friday, June 26, 2009

Heal The World

Michael Jackson.
Damn, he was good! I mean his musics. Lagunya, suaranya, video klipnya...
No comment about the controversy. Who am I to judge...

Salah satu lagu Michael Jackson yang bikin "merinding" adalah Gone Too Soon, soundtrack film 'The Ryan White Story' yang menceritakan perjuangan seorang anak yang terkena HIV Aids saat menjalani perawatan hemofilia dan mengalami diskriminasi. Di Russiaville ( Indiana, AS), Ryan dilarang melanjutkan sekolah karena 117 orangtua (dari total 360 murid) dan 50 guru menandatangani petisi untuk melarang Ryan bersekolah. Orangtua Ryan menempuh jalan hukum dan ketika Ryan diijinkan kembali bersekolah, 151 murid memilih tidak masuk sekolah. Dan sebagai seorang pengantar koran, Ryan juga mengalami penolakan dari orang-orang yang tadinya berlangganan koran dengannya.

Keluarga Ryan akhirnya memilih untuk pindah ketika sebuah peluru ditembakkan ke rumah mereka.
31 Agustus 1987, ketika hari pertama bersekolah di SMA Hamilton Heights (Cicero, Indiana), Ryan akhirnya bertemu dengan lingkungan yang tidak takut untuk menjabat tangannya.

Ryan White meninggal 8 April 1990 (18 tahun), beberapa bulan sebelum kelulusannya.

Gone Too Soon. Like a comet blazing 'cross the evening sky
Like a rainbow fading in the twinkling of an eye
Shiny and sparkly and splendidly bright
Here one day gone one night
Like the loss of sunlight on a cloudy afternoon
Like a castle built upon a sandy beach
Like a perfect flower that is just beyond your reach
Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight
Here one day gone one night

Like a sunset dying with the rising of the moon
Gone too soon.

Dan entah kebetulan atau tidak, waktu membaca tentang Amazon Uprising kemarin, lagu Earth Song lah yang terlintas.
Jadi ceritanya, beberapa waktu yang lalu terjadi Tiananmen-nya Amazon. Alan Garcia didukung oleh perjanjian Free Trade dengan AS membuat ke(tidak)bijakan yang memungkinkan perusahaan asing untuk mengeksploitasi 45 juta hektar (hampir 70% hutan amazon) tanpa persetujuan dari komunitas lokal, dalam hal ini suku Indian Amazon. Untuk melawan korporasi besar (industri kayu, minyak dan pertambangan) dan pemerintah kapitalis, komunitas suku asli Indian yang tidak memiliki senjata dan hampir tak tersentuh listrik menggunakan segala cara yang mereka bisa. Memblokade jalan, menyandera kantor-kantor industri pertambangan, berdemo dengan membawa busur dan panah. "We will fight together with our parents and children to take care of the forest, to save the life of the equator and the entire world.", kata pemimpin mereka.
Respon dari Garcia? Menyatakan kondisi darurat di Amazon dan mengirimkan helikopter militer yang menembak ke arah demonstran. Korban dari aparat dan demonstran berjatuhan.

Hey, what about yesterday
What about the seas, the heavens are falling down
I can't even breathe
What about everthing, I have given you
What about nature's worth, It's our planet's womb
What about animals, We've turned kingdoms to dust
What about elephants, Have we lost their trust
What about crying whales, We're ravaging the seas
What about forest trails, Burnt despite our pleas
What about the holy land, Torn apart by creed
What about the common man, Can't we set him free
What about children dying, Can't you hear them cry
Where did we go wrong
Someone tell me why

What about baby boy
What about the days
What about all their joy
What about the men
What about the crying man
What about Abraham
What about death again

Do we give a damn

Tapi yang ekstraordinary, kali ini korporasi-korporasi itu kalah. Indegenious people yang menang. Kongres Peru mencabut dua undang-undang yang memungkinkan perusahaan pertambangan untuk mengebor hutan Amazon.

Diamond, oil and land for blood...do we give a damn?

Dan tentang rasisme, tentang SARA (reminds me of this stupid presidential campaigns...), ingat video klip dahsyat Black or White?

They Print My Message
In The Saturday Sun
I Had To Tell Them
I Ain't Second To None
And I Told About Equality
An It's True
Either You're Wrong
Or You're Right

So, did we get his messages?
Rest In Peace, bro. Thanks for your music.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Neda and Basem

Exactly what I had in mind.

From Gabriel, Jews sans frontieres.

Shame on CNN for caring about the death of non-violent protesters according to the interests of U.S. foreign domination. The love these journalists professes for Neda is just as racist as the their indifference towards Bassem. Indeed, it is the same racism.

Broadcast the death of Bassem!

Bassem Abu Rahme is the 18th individual to be killed by israeli forces during a demonstration against the Wall.

His name was Basem, which means smile, and that is how he greeted everyone. But we all called him ‘Pheel’, which means elephant because he had the body the size of an elephant. But Basem had the heart of a child.

He loved everyone, and because of his sweetness and ability to make us laugh, everyone loved him. Basem was everyone’s friend: the children talk about how he would play with them, scare them and then make them laugh. He would tend the garden in the playground and bring toys and books to the kindergarten. The old ladies in the village talk about how he used to visit, to ask after them and see if they needed anything. In the village, he seemed to be everywhere at once. He would pop in to say hello, take one puff of the nargila, and be off to his next spot. The morning he was killed he went to the house of Hamis, whose skull had been broken at a previous demonstration three months ago by a tear gas canister projectile - the same weapon that would kill Basem.

Basem woke Hamis and gave him his medicine, then off he went to visit another friend in the village who is ill with cancer. Then a little girl from the village wanted a pineapple but couldn’t find any in the local stores. So Basem went to Ramallah to get a pineapple and was back before noon for the Friday prayers and the weekly demonstration against the theft of our land by the apartheid wall. Pheel never missed a demonstration; he participated in all the activities and creative actions in Bilin. He would always talk to the soldiers as human beings. Before he was hit he was calling for the soldiers to stop shooting because there were goats near the fence and he was worried for them. Then a woman in front of him was hit. He yelled to the commander to stop shooting because someone was wounded. He expected the soldiers to understand and stop shooting. Instead, they shot him too.

People came to his funeral from all the surrounding villages to show Basem that they loved him as much as he had loved them. But those of us from Bil’in kept looking around for him, expecting him to be walking with us.

Pheel, you were everyone’s friend. We always knew we loved you, but didn’t realize how much we would miss you until we lost you. As Bil’in has become the symbol of Palestine’s popular resistance, you are the symbol of Bil’in. Sweet Pheel, Rest in Peace, we will continue in your footsteps.

— Mohammad Khatib, member of the Bil’in Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements

More on Bil'in Village here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blog About Palestine Day 2009 - The Harvest

Hey! I found my name there.
Along with the other post about Nakba.
Will read them all as soon as I have the time.

The list.

Thanks, Young Activist and Karin, for correcting my English and translating Palestina In My Mind into Germany.

Keep on spreading the truth!

Blog About Palestine Day

Oranges And Olives

I have some blogger friends from Palestine. I never met them face to face, but I knew them from their words. Their hopes, their fears, their angers, their pains, their courages, can be found in their stories.
Two of them are Ned in Ramallah and alajnabiya ( I think she's in West Bank). They haven't write for some times now, and I miss their posts.

Alajnabiya, she posted great pictures from her yard.
Like this one, from her last post on March 31.

While Ned, his last post was on March 27.
Here is his first post on July 2006.
Well, well, well... finally I got my blogspot. It has indeed been a tiresome journey- Like all journeys in this country, Palestine.
So I try every single blog name I could think of, first the traditionals country name, city name etc... it kills me that people have used up names I would have liked to use, when they have not posted a word since 3 years ago.
I liked one of the spots, which had an entry labelled first post, but apparently it was also the last.
so all the names are taken, it amazes me how many Israelis are out there on cyber space. They have taken up even arabic names like Al-Quds.
So I want on to try metaphorical names. I try milk and honey... that's taken too... but anyway I would not take a biblical name.
So this was it, Oranges and (O)lives... very Palestinian... Since we are mainly farmers.. and Since everyone out there knows that Jaffas are the best oranges in the world- oranges that you should not buy, of course. First because they are stolen, second because they help the celptocrats* steal more.
It is turning out that I am jumping from one topic to the next. So I will end now by mentioning what I intend to do. Basically, I am a Palestinian, a very concerned one. I see things happening around me, and I keep thinking that everyday there is something about Palestine that I wish to shout out to the whole world.
So here I shout.

I'm waiting for his newest shouts :)

I hope they're alright there. God bless them all.


20% of the world’s population consumes 80% of its resources.
The world spends 12 times more on military expenditures than on aid to developing countries.

5,000 people a day die because of dirty drinking water.
1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water.

Nearly 1 billion people are going hungry.
Over 50% of grain traded around the world is used for animal feed or bio fuels.
40% of arable land has suffered long-term damage.

Every year, 13 millions hectares of forest disappear.
One mammal in 4, one bird in 8, one amphibian in 3 is threatened with extinction.
Species are dying out at a rhythm 1,000 times faster than the natural rate.
Three quarters of fishing grounds are exhausted, depleted or in dangerous decline.

The average temperature of the last 15 years has been the highest ever recorded.
The ice cap is 40% thinner than 40 years ago.
There may be at least 200 million climate refugees by 2050.

Lets be responsible consumers & think about what we buy, it's too late to be a pessimist.

It's time to come together! What's important is not what's gone but what remains. We know that the solutions are there today, we all have the power to change. So what are we waiting for?

It's up to us to write what happens next... TOGETHER.

I cried today, and not because of some soapy korean dramas.
Mataku mberambangi karena menonton "HOME"nya Yann Arthus-Bertrand.
Film dokumenter ini dimulai dengan terbentuknya bumi. Dan bagaimana bumi berubah begitu cepat dalam tahun-tahun terakhir. You have to watch it to know what I mean.

Film tersebut juga menceritakan tentang hutan Kalimantan yang, dengan kecepatan perusakan seperti sekarang, akan hilang dalam sepuluh tahun ke depan. Hal ini terutama karena pembukaan lahan untuk perkebunan kelapa sawit.
Contoh perusakan hutan primer yang digantikan untuk hutan industri yang lain adalah hutan eukaliptus di Australia dan Tasmania serta deforestasi Amazon dan hutan Amerika Selatan untuk tanaman kedelai (soybean).
Satu hal yang paling teringat, pernyataan bahwa bagaimana free trade bisa dianggap fair trade, jika satu pihak memanen dengan tangan sementara yang lain dengan mesin.

Menceritakan film ini ke Dewo akan berujung dengan perdebatan "Is global warming a myth?" ^^
Dia lebih berpihak ke Michael Chrichton dengan State of Fear-nya.

Tapi karena :
-menghemat listrik dan air (Sedih juga sejak pindah ke Balikpapan dan mendapatkan listrik di kompleks menggunakan genset. Yang berarti mau pemakaian listrik dikit atau banyak konsumsi bahan bakarnya sama...),
-memilah dan membuang sampah pada tempatnya,
-mengurangi pemakaian plastik (inget untuk mbawa-mbawa tas belanja kalo ke Maxi atau Hero!!),
-membeli sayuran dan bahan pangan lokal (mulai merambah ke brand-brand lokal karena aku mulai milih torabika/kapal api, bukan nescafe walopun nescafe diproduksi di dalam negeri),
sebisa mungkin adalah solusi harian di keluarga kami... perdebatan itu akhirnya jadi kurang begitu penting.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Reminiscing (warning : for mellow minds only)

Balikpapan mendung pagi ini.
Sambil menunggu listrik yang pagi-pagi masih dangdutan berkat maintenance genset aku merapikan tumpukan di bawah meja komputer. Dan menemukan organizer hitam lusuh jaman kuliah.

Di halaman pertama ada catatan kuliah Etika Bisnis Pak Raka "You don't have to cheat to win" dan "There is no right way to do a wrong thing". Atau "If you always confronted with easy choices you don't build a character".
Catatan ini kutulis di balik skrap PTI dengan tabel berisi 'Prefabrikasi', 'Fabrikasi' dan 'Assembly'lengkap dengan CO Saw, Circ. saw, Planner, Jointer, Disc Sand, dan Drill Press-nya... :)

Di halaman-halaman selanjutnya ada beberapa coret-coretan tentang
"asistensi SISPROD-12.30"
"tenis bareng mas ganthang!!"
"PR MI chapt 9-10"
"PR Mankua (2 biji!)->tighten"
"tanding bola 97 vs 98, nonton?"
"April, 30, 2001..HAPPY B'DAY DEAR POEJI...asik, makan-makan!!!"
"May, 7, 2001...a half year!!"

Ah, aku mellow kronis sekarang ^^

Lalu beberapa lirik lagu :
'Dan' SO7, di bagian bawah kertas tertulis July 20, 1999 dan sebuah tempelan kulit kerang yang entah dari mana. Apa dari meru betiri ya?
'With You' Boyzz Bario, July 27 1999. Midnite song ketika belajar di Ciheulang.
'Meniti Pelangi' Andhien, 'Sendiri' Coklat, 'Nada Indah' Glenn, 'Kosong' Pure Saturday, 'We fly so close' Genesis, lagu-lagu KLA..

No wonder i was so messed up back then :)

Sebuah puisi yang kusalin dari buku puisi yang kubaca di perpustakaan British Council di ITB, my comfort zone selain meja-meja di lantai bawah Perpus, lapangan tenis depan SC Timur dan jogging track Sabuga.

Judulnya Night Physician.

I love the moon
sometimes as much as I love the sun.
The moon offers a place to hide-
the night rider who comforts me
when the sun has done with me.

Not always but more often than not
I am not quite sure
if the moon is friend or enenmy;
true, it does offer protection
from the public glare,
but it also locks me in myself,
makes me aware of how unimportant I am
and destroys all those high ideals I had.

That perhaps is where the moon becomes a true friend
for it reminds me of man's equality,
it breaks down fears and prejudices
and restores a man's belief in himself
and in his fellow man.
Night is the healer of the summer wounds
that patches up the sky
in readiness for the day.

Di halaman berikutnya sebuah puisi sisa-sisa patah hati yang kutulis di Jogja, Juni 2000.
Angin menerbangkanku sampai kesana
Alun-alun Suryakencana yang beku
semak-semak edelweiss yang tertidur
jejak setapak yang mengabur

Masih kudengar langkah-langkah kaki kita
berlari, melompati batu demi batu
menempuh satu tanjakan lagi
mencoba mengejar matahari
Lelah kaki, deru detak jantung,
kalah oleh inginku melihat keindahan Tuhan
yang selalu kelihat sambil mengenangmu.

Kita telah disana, sahabat tercinta.
Sungguh, Puncak Gede tak akan pernah seindah itu,
langitnya tak akan berwarna sebening itu,
matahari tak akan kurasakan sehangat pagi itu, 1 Agustus 1999.
Dan dirimu sahabat, tidak akan pernah lagi ada disampingku
seperti saat itu.

Perjalanan yang tidak ada akhirnya.
Dan ketika kita tidak lagi menolah ke belakang
yang kulakukan hanyalah mencoba mencapai puncak-puncak lainnya
menyelesaikan pendakian demi pendakian selanjutnya
dengan hanya berpijak di bumiku sendiri,
tanpa uluran tanganmu.

Dan angin kembali meniup wajah lelahku
menerbangkanku kesana
alun-alun suryakencana yang beku
semak-semak edelweiss yang tertidur
dan jejak setapak yang mengabur.

Geez..As cheesy as one two three ^^

Di bagian Address kubaca nama-nama familiar. Nomor telepon yang kalau ku-dial hampir pasti tidak akan diangkat oleh nama yang sama.

Artanti 022 -2516453
Cristin 022 -2501353
Deddy Wijaya 0274-864131
Erdhani 0274-868833
Estiworo Tyas 022 -2512737
Elis 021 -4714144
Gamet 022 -2509747
Ganthang 022 -2513407
Jupri 022 -6006328
May Sari 022 -6648168
Trisasi 0274-882639
Trisa 022 -2504366
Taryanto 022 -2503102
Wedha 022 -2515842

Di bagian finance, kutemukan post it kuning kecil dengan tulisan :

Kopi Papah 33.000
Makan makan 4.500
nelpon 600

Waktu itu tiap pulang ke Jogja aku selalu menelpon rumah dan nanya apa kopi papah masih ada. Biasanya aku membelikan kopi Arabica kesukaan Papah di sebuah toko kopi tua di daerah ABC. Bapak penjualnya pernah mengijinkan aku dan Papah masuk ke gudang penyimpanan dan pengolahan kopi yang remang dan harum.

Suatu hari kalau ke Bandung aku harus membeli kopi Arabika lagi..

Dan sekarang awan gelap di langit Balikpapan telah berubah menjadi hujan.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

If We Tolerate This...

From Ryan Kusuma's blog.

If you tolerate this, your children would be next! Free Ibu Prita!
by Ryan Kusuma

First of all imagine this. As a nursing mother of a newborn baby, you were jailed for a corporate setup crime. One public complaint email, and you were charged for name poisoning under the new handicapped IT law. And you're weren't covered by the consumer protection right.

This is a practice of the abuse of power by a corporate hospital (!) under a faulty law which is represented by the lawyers behind the son of a national mass-murderer (T.S.).

This is not a case of internet publishing ethics. Not a case of irresponsibility. What Ibu Prita has to say is not just some made-up lies. This is a case of public muting.

And this is the proof that UU ITE is cleary defected. Otherwise there would be no misinterpretation (as according to Mr. Cahaya, Applied Tech. General Director of Mins. Comm & Informatics).

Free Ibu Prita Now!

Join the Cause: http://bit.ly/W62QW

Here's the translation I did from the original letter
Don’t let my case happened to other lives. Especially childrens, elders and babies. Whenever you’re taking a treatment, becareful of the hospital’s luxury and “international” title, because the more luxurious the hospital is, and the smarter the doctors are, the more frequent the patients tests, drug sales, and injections.

I’m not saying that all international hospital are like that but I had to face this case at Omni International Hospital. Exactly on August 7th 2008 at 20.30 pm. With high fever, I came to the Omni International believeing that that hospital had an international standard, with of couse a good medical talent and management.

I was asked to go to the ER dan got my body temperature checked, and the result was 39(C) degrees. And then after the blood test, my thrombosit level is 27.000, which the normal level is 200.000. I was informed and handled by dr. Indah (general) and declared that I’m obliged to be admitted. Dr. I did the lab test recheck with my blood sample and the result was still the same, which is thrombosit 27.000.

Dr. I asked which specialist doctor I want to have. But I asked for her reference because I’m totally uncommon about this hospital. Then the reference is dr. H. Dr. H checked my condition, and I asked my condition, he explained that I had a dengue fever.

Since that night, I was infused and given injections without any explanation or a patient’s or family consent of the injection’s purpose. The next morning, dr. H visited me and informed that there’s a revision to the previous night’s test. It is not 27.000, but 181.000 (a lab test could be revisioned?). I was surprised but dr. H kept on giving instructions to the nurse to give me a variation of injections which I don’t know and with out my or my family’s consent.

I asked back what I’m really having, and the answer is still the same, that I had a dengue fever. I’m so concerned because I have two toddlers at home. So I chose to think positively about the hospital and the doctor that I can quickly recover and I believe I was medicated by a professional international-standard doctor.

Since that Friday, I was given a variation of injections in which with every one weren’t given any explanation from the nurse, and everytime I asked for an explanation, they didn’t have any satisfactorial explanation. It is impressed that the nurse were only doing the doctor’s order and the patient had to accept it. One box of the patient’s cabinet is full with infusions and needles with lots of syringe.

My left hand was starting to swollen. I asked them to stop the infusion and injections and asked to see dr. H. But the doctor still didn’t came after I was transferred to another room. Afterward my body temperature kept on rising to 39 degrees and came a replacement doctor which I don’t know his specialty is. After being checked, that doctor just said that he should wait for dr. H.

The next afternoon came dr. H with orders to the nurse to gave a few more drug injections. I asked the doctor what I’m really having and he explained I’m having an air virus. I asked that then I’m not having a dengue fever. But dr. H explained that dengue fever is still an air virus. I was rehooked with the infusion on the right hand and given a painful injection.

Later that night I was given a couple of syringe at once and I imidiately had breathing troubles for fifteen minutes and was given oxygen. The shift doctor came but only to said to wait for dr. H.

So that night I was still infused. Although my right hand had swollen like my left. I forcely asked stop the infusion and denied anymore injections or medication.

The next day me and my family came and demand dr. H to meet with us. But the promise were always delayed and he finally came later at night. My husband and brothers demanded an explanation from dr. H about my condition, the injections, the early lab test result with 27.000 revisioned into 181.000 and my breathing trouble, which had never happened before in my entire life. My condition is worsening with my left neck and left eye swollen.

Dr. H didn’t gave any satifactory explanation. Moreover, he then started to gave more instructions to the nurse for medications and not to use the infusion. We debated about my condition and asked for his responsibily on this from my first test result that I could have been not admitted in the first place. Dr. H blamed the lab departement and could not gave any satisfactory explanation.

The next day my condition kept on worsening with my right neck swollen and body temperature came back up to 39 degrees. But I insist not to be treated at this hospital and to be transferred to another hospital. But for that I need a complete medical data and once again I got fooled with fictious medical data.

In that medical record, it is explained that I’ve been excreting fine while I been having trouble with it since I was admitted at this hospital without any follow up. Then the lab result that was given is with my thrombosit at 181.000 not 27.000.

I insisted to be given the medical data lab test with 27.000 but was surprised the the 27.000 lab result was not printed and the printed one is 181.000. The head of the lab is dr. M and after I angrily complained the doctor said that the 27.000 lab result were in the Omni management. I forced to meet the management who held the certain lab result.

I filed a written complaint to the Omni management and accepted by Og (Customer Service Coordinator) and I was for a receipt. In that receipt it is only written as a suggestion not a complaint. I got really fooled by the Omni management with the Og staff that had no service to the customer at all but to taunt my action in asking a written complaint receipt.

I had become totally fed up and asked to a written statement from the hospital lab about my first lab result is 27.000 and not 181.000. It is the reason I was to be admitted to this hospital in the first place, although with the real thrombosit level of 181.00 I could have not been admitted.

Dr. G responses, as the one who is to be held to my complaint is that it was unprofesional at all. Not accepting complaint, he deflected that the lab had not given the 27.000 lab result as informed by dr. M. I asked for a meeting with the lab, management, and dr. H, but couldn’t be done with reasoning that it is to be discussed with the upper (management) and promised to be given the written statement at 4 pm.

After that, I went into another hospital and taken into care with my condition need to be taken care in an isolation room because my virus is infectious. According to the analisis, this is a childhood disease which is mumps but has worsened becaused it has swollen. If it is infected to a grown up men could cause impotency and women to cause pancreatitis and cysts.

I was surprised to hear it and really angry to the Omni hospital for lying to me with the analyzed the dengue fever and had given me multiple high dose injecions that cause breathing troubles. I asked about those injections to the new hospitally and found out that I’m prone to high dose injections and caused my breathing troubles.

My husband came back to Omni hospital to asked to the promised 27.000 lab result but faced with uncertain negotiations and a delay request to it could be deliverd the day after to my home. The next morning I waited the news from my house and until 12 pm no one from Omni came with the letter.

I called dr. G as the complaint manager and told me that his courier just about to go to my house. But until 4 pm in the afternoon I waited and still no one came into my house. I called dr. G again and he said that the letter want delivered to someone named Rukiah.

This is an outrageous lie. There’s no one in my house named Rukiah. I asked for my address confirmation, but he said it is difficult to find it and would take a long ting. The logics are in the receipt note should have the address, right? That’s why I called that all of the Omni Management are big liars. Becareful with their games that played someone lives.

Especially with dr. G and Og, had no hospitality and ethics on customers service and not in accordance to the international standard stated by this hospital

I told dr. G, I will come to Omni to take the statement and when my husband came, it its only passed to the receptionist and the contents broke our hearts.

The management only said their sorry for our inconvenience and it is not stated anywhere about the first lab test mistake that says 27.000 and later revisioned into 181.00 and gave the injections that cause my condition to worsened from before I was admitted.

Why does we insisted to get the statement? We want to know that the 27.000 lab result is real or fictious so that the Omni hospital could admit inpatients.

And after we’ve been fooled with promises, the truth is that my 27.000 lab result is fictious and I shouldn’t have been admitted as an inpatient in the first place and no need for injections and breathing troubles and my worsening health could have been treated well.

It cost me my health. Maybe because the costs are covered with insurances that this hospital could take my insurance limit as much as they could. But this hospital doesn’t care about the side-effects of this greedyness.

Mr. Og recommended that I met with the operational director of the Omni hospital (dr. B) but me and my husband are already fed up to follow the lying games with my condition still sick and admitted in another hospital.

Thankfully I’m recovering but there’s still an eye condition in which its upper membrane are torn and infected by the virus to my sights are blurry and I can’t stand to much light exposure and this takes a fair time to heal.

In every human lives there will be one’s paths and destiny. That’s right. But, if a human live got played around by a hospital that is trusted to heal is just disappointing.

May God gave the conscience to the management and doctors of Omni hospital to be remided that someday they too will have family, childrens, parents that one day will need a medical care. May it not happened as to what I had to go through at this Omni hospital.

I’m hoping that one of the readers are the staff or doctors or managemen of Omni hospital. Please say to dr. G, dr. H, dr. M and Og, don’t let your gracious work gone to waste for your company. I must informed that dr. H also practise in RSCM too. I’m not saying that RSCM is bad but be carefull about the healh treament from this doctor.

Prita Mulyasari
Alam Sutera

Free Ibu Prita!

Sementara koruptor berkeliaran, anak mantan presiden yang membunuh jaksa muncul di infotainment dan rumah ibadah dirusak...aparat negara ini malah menangkap seorang ibu rumah tangga yang berjuang mendapatkan perawatan kesehatan yang jujur dan profesional.

Read Prita's case in here or here. Juga perkembangannya di sini.

Aku sendiri pernah punya pengalaman dengan Omni. Waktu itu Dimas terkena serangan asma. Kami ke klinik anak di Omni, dan Dr J langsung menyarankan Dimas opname bahkan tanpa memeriksa (hanya melihat dari seberang meja). Dewo yang dari kecil memang sering asma langsung menolak, karena menurut dia asma bukanlah penyakit yang perlu diopname.

Keluarga kami memang sebisa mungkin menjauhi dokter atau obat-obatan. Mungkin karena dari Damar bayi pernah beberapa kali mengalami ketidakcocokan dengan dokter anak.Kalo anak-anak flu batuk biasa biasanya kami jaga tetap makan minum bergizi, istirahat diperbanyak dan minum madu atau kencur. Kalo demam dikompres dan banyak minum.

Hal-hal yang membuat kami menjauhi rumah sakit, dokter dan obat adalah :
Dokter yang tidak komunikatif, bahkan terkesan arogan dan sombong kalo diberi pertanyaan.
Obat-obatan yang banyak dan mahal, padahal hanya flu atau batuk. Apalagi antibiotik yang terbukti sebaiknya tidak diberikan sembarangan ke anak kecil. Bukannya sembuh malah merusak kekebalan dan fungsi tubuh.
Bukan rahasia lagi bahwa dokter dan rumah sakit mendapat komisi dari obat dan produk yang dijual. Bahkan beberapa rumah sakit berusaha menghalangi ibu baru untuk menyusui bayinya secara eksklusif dan membujuk si ibu untuk memberikan susu merek tertentu untuk bayinya.

Semua pengalaman itu membuatku bertanya-tanya, apakah kode etik dokter masih dipegang oleh sebagian dokter itu? Apakah empati dan simpati masih mereka punyai bersama keahlian dan profesionalitas mereka?

Ketika pasien dan konsumen bertanya, meminta penjelasan, penindasan seperti yang dialami Prita kah yang pantas mereka dapatkan????

Demi anak-anak Ibu Prita, demi penegakkan hukum dan keadilan, demi rakyat yang merindukan Indonesia yang lebih ramah dan manusiawi...Ibu Prita harus bebas.

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Laki-laki Paling Baik

Kasus Manohara Odelia Pinot sedang heboh-hebohnya.
Dan semua orang (termasuk saya ^^) sibuk berkomentar. Ada yang kasihan, ada yang mencela Malaysia, ada yang mengutuk KBRI di Malaysia dan Singapura, ada yang menghina si Ibu, bla bla bla...
Ah, yang penting dia sudah pulang.

Tapi sda beberapa hal yang menjadi pemikiranku.

Pertama, bagaimana kedutaan negara kita melindungi warganya di luar negeri. Sudah menjadi rahasia umum bagaimana buruknya kedubes dalam mewakili kepentingan TKI/TKW di luar negeri. KBRI di Malaysia pernah (atau masih?) menjadi sarang koruptor yang mengambil uang jerih payah pekerja migran kita. Dalam kasus Manohara ini dikatakan KBRI Singapura sempat menolak permintaan tolong Manohara dengan mengatakan "Hari Minggu kami libur, telpon lagi hari Senin."

Kedua, bagaimana institusi pernikahan yang seharusnya menjadi sarana untuk menuju kebaikan dapat berjalan sangat salah. Yaitu ketika agama tidak lagi menjadi pegangannya.

Beberapa contoh kejadian dengan latar belakang agama:

Seorang ustad muda yang sering muncul di infotaiment pernah berbicara di depan kamera "Jika seorang istri mengetahui betapa mulianya kedudukan suami di mata Allah, maka dia tidak akan mau menentangnya".

Seorang suami menghendaki istri untuk memilih antara menemani suami atau orangtua istri yang sedang sakit keras. Hal ini menyebabkan sang Istri memilih menemani suami dan tidak sempat bertemu lagi dengan Ayahnya.

Di mana Islam berperan di kejadian-kejadian di atas?

Dalam pengertianku Islam adalah Sunnah of Love, seperti yang ditulis Hymie Ali di blognya. Dan Tuhanku adalah Tuhan Yang Paling Penuh Kasih Sayang. Karena itu tidak ada manusia yang lebih rendah dari manusia lain. EQUALITY adalah hal yang sangat ditekankan dalam Islam.

Nabi Muhammad SAW mengatakan bahwa :
... Even as the fingers of the two hands are equal, so are human beings equal to one another. No one has any rights, any superiority to claim over another. You are as brothers. O men, your God is One and your ancestor is one. An Arab holds no superiority over a non-Arab, nor a White over a Black person, nor vice-versa, but only to the extent to which he discharges his responsibility to God and man. Only the God-fearing people merit a preference with God.

Dan bahwa belajar adalah kewajiban bagi setiap muslim, baik perempuan maunpun laki-laki. Jadi ketika di suatu sudut dunia ada sekelompok orang yang melarang anak perempuan bersekolah, bahkan menyiram mereka dengan air keras, itu bukan Islam.

Dalam lingkaran kehidupannya, seorang wanita dapat menjadi tiga peran :

1. Sebagai anak perempuan.
Nabi Muhammad mengatakan : 'He who brings up his daughters well, and makes no distinction between them and his sons, will be close to me in Paradise.'

2. Sebagai istri.
'The best from among you is one who behaves best towards his wife.' (Hadith)

3. Sebagai ibu.
Kita semua pernah mendengar bahwa 'Surga ada di telapak kaki ibu' dan bahwa Nabi Muhammad menekankan kata 'Ibu' tiga kali sebelum menyebut kata 'Bapak'. Dan ini berlaku untuk semua, tidak peduli gendernya. Jadi jika ada suami yang menghalangi istrinya untuk berbakti kepada orangtuanya, rasanya itu bukanlah suami yang sebaiknya diikuti dan 'tidak ditentang'. Karena kewajiban seorang istri terhadap suami tidak boleh menghilangkan hak orangtua terhadap anaknya. Begitu juga sebaliknya.

Nabi Muhammad adalah seorang suami yang tidak malu membantu istrinya mengerjakan pekerjaan rumah tangga. Beliau rela tidur di depan pintu rumah daripada membangunkan istrinya. Dan tidak pernah memaksakan kehendak. Bahwa dalam Islam pekerjaan domestik dan mendidik anak adalah PEKERJAAN. Yang bahkan lebih berat dari pekerjaan di luar rumah.

Jika sudah ada contoh sedemikian jelasnya, kenapa masih terjadi kekerasan dalam rumah tangga? Dan ketika telah terjadi kekerasan dan kriminalitas seperti itu kenapa masih ada yang membela pelaku kekerasan dan menyalahkan korban?
Ketika di dalam rumah sendiri tidak dapat dijalankan syariah yang benar bagaimana syariah dalam konteks yang lebih luas dapat dijalankan?

Anak-anak harus diberi pemahaman sejak dini, bagaimana menghormati orang lain. Anak-anak laki-laki harus mengerti bagaimana menghormati dan melindungi ibu dan saudara-saudara perempuan mereka. Untuk selalu berkata-kata baik dan siap menolong. Dan bagaimana mereka memperlakukan wanita di kemudian hari adalah cerminan perlakuan hormat mereka kepada ibu dan saudara perempuan mereka.

Anak-anak perempuan ditanamkan pentingnya pendidikan dan berpikir mandiri. Bahwa dengan segala kewajiban dan hak-haknya mereka adalah manusia yang sama indah dan mulianya dengan kaum laki-laki. Dan di masa depan mereka tidak akan membiarkan diri mereka diperlakukan tidak baik oleh siapapun juga.

Jadi, next time ada yang menyakiti atau memaksakan kehendak kepada istrinya, orang itu pasti lupa bahwa laki-laki termacho, teristimewa, terbaik adalah laki-laki yang paling lembut dan paling sayang terhadap keluarganya...
Sebaliknya, perempuan yang paling baik juga yang paling sayang sama suami dan anak-anaknya ^^

Ini adalah sebagian percakapan seorang Bedouin dengan Rasulullah (Khalid ibn al Walîd):

Q: I wish to be the richest man in the world.
A: Be contented, and you will be the richest man in the world.

Q: I'd like to be the most just man.
A: Desire for others what you desire for yourself, and you will be the most just of men.

Q: I want to be the best of men.
A: Do good to others and you will be the best of men.