Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Oranges And Olives

I have some blogger friends from Palestine. I never met them face to face, but I knew them from their words. Their hopes, their fears, their angers, their pains, their courages, can be found in their stories.
Two of them are Ned in Ramallah and alajnabiya ( I think she's in West Bank). They haven't write for some times now, and I miss their posts.

Alajnabiya, she posted great pictures from her yard.
Like this one, from her last post on March 31.

While Ned, his last post was on March 27.
Here is his first post on July 2006.
Well, well, well... finally I got my blogspot. It has indeed been a tiresome journey- Like all journeys in this country, Palestine.
So I try every single blog name I could think of, first the traditionals country name, city name etc... it kills me that people have used up names I would have liked to use, when they have not posted a word since 3 years ago.
I liked one of the spots, which had an entry labelled first post, but apparently it was also the last.
so all the names are taken, it amazes me how many Israelis are out there on cyber space. They have taken up even arabic names like Al-Quds.
So I want on to try metaphorical names. I try milk and honey... that's taken too... but anyway I would not take a biblical name.
So this was it, Oranges and (O)lives... very Palestinian... Since we are mainly farmers.. and Since everyone out there knows that Jaffas are the best oranges in the world- oranges that you should not buy, of course. First because they are stolen, second because they help the celptocrats* steal more.
It is turning out that I am jumping from one topic to the next. So I will end now by mentioning what I intend to do. Basically, I am a Palestinian, a very concerned one. I see things happening around me, and I keep thinking that everyday there is something about Palestine that I wish to shout out to the whole world.
So here I shout.

I'm waiting for his newest shouts :)

I hope they're alright there. God bless them all.


alajnabiya said...

How sweet of you to remember me! I am fine, and I do feel guilty for neglecting my little blog, but it never seems like there is enough time to do all the things I want to do online. I wish I had some pretty flower pix to show you, but it is hot and dry here now, and my garden is suffering from a drought of water and of my energy to keep it up.

nindee said...

Alhamdulillah! So glad to hear from you again.
Hope I can visit you and your family someday :)
Take care, my dear friend.

Chet said...

Hi Nindee, I got your email and I am also concerned about Ned. I sure hope he has something to write soon. I really enjoy what he has to say. It was great of you to make a post highlighting Ned's and Alajnabiya's blogs. Take care and God Bless You and your Family.