Thursday, September 24, 2009

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From bendib. Thanks Fatemah for the link.

Hate Thy Neighbour
Thanks for the interesting post, MERC. Liam Bartlett from Channel 9 on 60 minutes blog,
Trying to understand the Middle East peace process is a bit like attempting to unscramble an egg so we travelled to Israel to get a first-hand look at just how hard it might be to even begin a so-called 'road map to peace'.
t might be to even begin a so-called 'road map to peace'.

At the very heart of the problem are the Jewish settlers, now occupying large tracts of land that the Palestinians say are really theirs. The settlers are essentially squatting on whatever piece they choose and constructing houses and towns in a defiant gesture of "now that I'm here – it's all mine".

from bendib

French Police Clear Migrant 'Jungle', Arrest 278

But Immigration Minister Eric Besson said action had to be taken against migrant trafficking rings. "What I want is to dismantle this 'jungle', which is the operating base for human traffickers," Besson told RTL radio.
Activists opposed the raid however. "It's a scandal," said Jean-Claude Lenoir of the Salam migrant support group. "We can't have soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and treat Afghans seeking refuge here with such little dignity."

Anti Corruption Songs by Slank
You know what I hate more than terrorism? Corruption! A Lot, a lot of corruption! Try to live in this country and you'll find them everywhere. Sometime I think I have no respect left for my own government. Indonesia regularly appears on lists of the most corrupt countries in the world, and in the most recent global corruption survey by Transparency International, Indonesia scored a 2.6, with 10 being the cleanest rating.

The situation looks grim now, since the KPK (The Corruption Eradication Commission)chairmen have been named as suspects by police.
Here's the update.

On going battle between KPK and the police
Q+A-Indonesia's corruption court bill

Korupsi membunuh bangsa...Corruption kills.

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