Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Beating of A Single Heart

I felt quite aweful aweful this morning.
A perfect combination of fatigue, lack of sleep and lack of gratitude.
Then I watched this video.

From commondreams

The Beating of A Single Heart
by Jonathan Mann

You hear it everyday
sometimes in the subtlest ways
sometimes it's in your face
But nonetheless it's there
"Go back to where you came from"
"They're taking all our jobs"
"They shoul learn to speak English"
"They are lazy, foreign slobs"

It is fear
that can sonsume you
will make you close your eyes.
But it is love
that can bloom you
let you open up to the sun and realize

We're all the same
underneath our skin
same beating hearts
same blood within

And in the future
as we embrace
We'll feel the beating of a single heart
of the human race.

We're told it's not enough
to consume more than our weight in stuff
when things are getting rough
we oughta buy more

Make it! Pack it! Ship it!
Buy it! Use it! Toss it!

Afterall, isn't that what we're made for?
With no regard
for the impact
our tireless consumption has

from all the beef
to the big smoke stacks
We're messing up the only home we have

Put down your wallet
and go outside
March around
get wide eyed

Cause in the future
We'll take care of this place
And the beating of a single heart
of the human race.

We've heard it all before
there has always been war
From the chimpanzee's roar
and the rocks he hurled

But we must evolve
to find another way to solve
all the disagreements in this world
Well it won't be simple
Nothing ever is
But in that complexity is grace.

Cause in the future
bound by respect
We'll feel the beating heart of a human race.

Thanks Jonathan Mann! It really brightened up my day.


Don Emmerich Jr. said...

Great video -- thanks for posting it.

nina said...

You're the most welcome, Don.