Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stories in Jogja

I'm home!
It's my 4th day in jogja, and i'm enjoying it.
Don't have much time to write since we have five 'babies' at home! Mine and my sister's ^_^
Damar 4 y and 2 mo, Rakha 3 y and 9 mo, Rayyan almost 2 yo, Dimas 1 y and 9 mo, and the newest member of the gang, Chika 3! griya indah home feels like kindergarden already...

So, it's just us (Nenek Nurul, aunty Mala, Mbak Mima and me) and them. Cause Dewo and mas Bagus are still working in Jakarta and Sidoarjo. No Nanny, No maid, No assistant.
We have to try our best to avoid them for biting and kicking and punching each others.
Believe me, it's not that easy, man!

They're like the fastest babies ever! Superbabies!
Except Chika, she's so sweet and calm. Maybe because she's the only baby girl at home.

Yesterday we went to Kasongan. Full squad! The boys really enjoyed their time together and got their wooden toys. But, really, it's tired to go shopping with kids =(
Maybe, that's good thing. So we won't be spent so much money,hehehehe...

I think Damar misses his daddy. He said to me last night, "Kok Papah gak dateng-dateng ya?"
Dewo will join us this saturday, Insya Allah. He will take the car from Jakarta to Jogja.
And we have so much plan for you, Dad! ;P

Mom wants to take you to Kasongan again, or Mirota Batik at Malioboro
(huehehehe, beware, Wo!)
Damar wants to take you to Gramedia to buy him Doraemon.
I'm not sure with Dimas, Dad, but maybe he just want you to carry him
We miss you!

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