Monday, December 29, 2008

gaza, 27-12-2008

Terlalu banyak hal-hal absurd hari-hari ini.

An IDF spokeswomen on Sky news said that as far as Isreal was
concerned there was no humanitarian crisis in Gaza...

I'm craughing..crying and laughing at the same time.

I remember back then, when the apartheid system in S. Africa had the best killing machines on the continent, they had a good press network to misguide the public.
At that time the apartheid gov't killed many innocent women, kids, students, old etc (they called them terrorists), its no different with what is happening in Gaza today.
Its shocking to see such a waste of life of the innocent school kids, there is no any justification for that.

And when US, Livny, Abbas and others blamed Hamas for the death of almost 300 palestinians, i'm not just craughing.
I'm craughing out loud!

The creation of Hamas was encouraged by Israel as they were trying to undermine the PLO. 17 years of failed negotiations from them and Fateh with no change and a worsening situation... that's why Hamas were elected. Hamas did lots of social work in Gaza when things were awful, before they became dire.. many voted for them because of this and the other situations mentioned above.
Miscalculation by those democratics nations perhaps.

Sama seperti alasan keliru tentang senjata pemusnah massal di Irak.

Dan akhirnya negara-negara demokratis itu juga yang menginginkan pemerintahan Hamas jatuh. What do they want, exactly? Don't get it.
What excuses will they make tommorow?

292 palestinias killed.
1 israeli killed.
and i'm watching silently, like the world.

And as i watch,
as i read,
as i write,
children, women, and men are dying.
3 years under siege, and now under attack.

Once again we are watching massacres in Gaza, as we did last March when 110 Palestinians, including dozens of children, were killed by Israel in just a few days. Once again people everywhere feel rage, anger and despair that this outlaw state carries out such crimes with impunity.

And everywhere in the net, i still can find people who say "it's a self defense." Do they read from script?
What do you expect from people you oppressed, humiliated, killed? that they will love you?
If this assaults is a self-defense, so does the rockets from Hamas, no?
"Hamas must do this, hamas must do that, palestine must do this" Well, Israel must do something too. Blockages, expanding settlement. That's what they do.
That's the fact.

But, an eye for an eye will only leave everyone blind.
Stop that eliminate this eliminate that thingies! I, personally, don't want to wipe any people out from any where for what so ever reason.
I still believe (and i'll be damned if i don't) there are people who want peace. From both side. How do you make peace if you don't want to talk to your enemies?

Buat yang ngga mau, yang bilang palestina bukan negara jadi ngga bisa diokupasi, orang-orang palestina pantas diserang karena mendukung hamas, don't stop until gaza jews again (ada!), dan sebaliknya, musnahkan israel, hilangkan a man (or a woman), and leave us, people who want to walk side by side, alone.

And those spokepersons on tv (IDF,US,UN,you named them), they're really make me sick.

It's 7 am at Gaza city.
and i can't even imagine what they've been through these 3 days, all these years...


dewo said...

one of your best.
well done.

shernend said...

Bush pernah berkata gini: Israel berhak membela diri dari serangan tetangga2 Arabnya.

What?! Membela diri?!

Membela diri hanya cocok untuk pihak yang lebih lemah.

Dengan segala kekuatan dan senjata nuklir Israel dan masih dibilang membela diri?!

Ada yang tidak betul disini.