Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kids Can Be Cruel

Yup. Itu Damar. Ketiga dari bawah.
Happy as it seems.

Tapi kemarin, ketika nemenin Damar main di taman, aku mendengar dua orang anak laki-laki cowok di kompleks (5 dan 6 tahun) berkata: "Ah, ngga mau ah, maen sama kamu! Kamu aneh!", dengan tampang se-you're-nerd-stay-away, mungkin.
Saat itu Damar sedang ngeliatin anak-anak yang lagi maen sambil pura-pura motret pake mainan kalengnya.
Waktu damar bilang, "Say cheese!" sambil 'motret', anak-anak itu ngetawain lagi, "Aneh! Aneh!"

Damar? As usual cuma diam. Ngga terlihat tertekan atau sedih atau marah.
Lima menit kemudian dia sibuk motret-motret lagi.

Well, kids.

By the way, akhir-akhir aku sering nulis tentang Palestina. Bukan kenapa-kenapa sih, memang itulah yang ada di kepalaku. Dan karena ada beberapa teman blogger di luar Indonesia, jadi sedikit banyak kucoba nulis dengan bahasa Inggris.
Beberapa tulisan tentang agama, satu tulisan tentang orang-orang Rohingya (sangat-sangat berempati sama mereka...), satu dua tulisan tentang Pemilu dan korupsi.

Wew, ternyata banyak sekali yang bisa ditulis...PRku banyak juga ^^

Semacam kliping buat Damar dan Dimas nantinya.

And for now, I guess I want to read my dynamic duo this poem:

I'm Glad I'm Me
by Phil Bolsta

I don’t understand why everyone stares
When I take off my clothes and dance down the stairs.
Or when I stick carrots in both of my ears,
Then dye my hair green and go shopping at Sears.
I just love to dress up and do goofy things.
If I were an angel, I’d tie-dye my wings!
Why can’t folks accept me the way that I am?
So what if I’m different and don’t act like them?
I’m not going to change and be someone I’m not.
I like who I am, and I’m all that I’ve got!



hummusmonster said...

This is SOOOO cute. Such a refreshing little song in the middle of the great depression!

hummusmonster said...

(of course, I have no idea what the post is about above this little song. The title makes me worry, though...)

nindee said...

it's about my 4 years old son, Damar (I have two sons, his brother's 2 yo ^^). He's a sensitive and gentle child. He never say anything cruel or hurt any living creature. But you know kids, sometimes they can be cruel. I was writing about Damar and his friends. One day, while he was pretending to be a photographer, two of his friends mocked him and said " I don't wanna play with you, weirdo! Stay away!"
But as usual Damar stayed cool and minded his own business. It was harder for me than for him, perhaps :D

This blog hasn't always been a serious blog. Just some daily life things. But I get so attached to what happened in Gaza. So i write more about anything.

Sometimes my children are the perfect distraction of these insanities. I guess I never have the 'strong stomach' ^^

Love your blog and hope to visit it regularly.

hummusmonster said...

My daughter is insanely fun to be with. I know exactly what you talk about.
Finally today the sun came out. My daughter, Omi, kept saying "Shemesh, Zuzy!" which translates to "Sun, move!" I think she already forgot what life was like before the winter... :-)