Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Right or Wrong It's My Country?

I always kinda like President SBY. He seems more sincere than other politicians.
And we've made progress on our corruption index last year.
Transparency International, a watchdog group that compiles a widely watched corruption index, gave Indonesia a score of 2.6 out of 10 for 2008, up from 1.9 in 2003, and ranked it 126th out of 180 countries surveyed.
The news is here

Not something to be proud of, though, 126th out of 180 >,<

I read something about him again today. In the ceremony of National Press Day and the 63rd anniversary of PWI (Indonesian Journalist Association)he said that "Right or wrong It's my country" is not enough.
It should be Right is right and Wrong is wrong. That's the concept of loyalty for our country. Why don’t we just say since right or wrong is my country. Let us assure our country is right and not wrong.

Beritanya di sini dan sini.
Here's our press freedom index.

He's not perfect of course, but I guess I'm going to vote for him this year. Perhaps...

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