Monday, February 2, 2009

A Roller Coaster

Browsing and reading something on the internet is like riding a rollercoaster.
Sometimes you read something like this horrible article, nothing but a racist's opinion, and you're down. You're upset, you're sad.

And then you read this hiden truth and you're back on track again. Shorta. Cause you know, perhaps even the truth cannot change those ignorant and brainwashed minds.

Killing people in random for whatsoever reason is terrorism, They said.
Dropping bombs and shooting civilians in a dense-populated area is self defense (Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza), They said.
Killing opposition leaders is a brutal act used by a terrorist regime, They said.
Assassinating leaders from the so-called terrorist organization or 'evil country' is a heroic act (MEK, Israel), They said.

Just change the subject. And it'll all change.
They can easily and shamelessly lie.

On Iraq :
Lie #1--They Attacked Us: Iraq Supported Al Qaeda
Lies #2 and #3--Imminent Threats: Iraq's Bio-Chem and Nuclear Weapons Programs
Lie #4--It Will Be Easy: Iraq as a "Cakewalk
Lie #5--The Moral Justification: Iraq as a Democratic Model

On lebanon :
The killing of 4 unarmed UN monitors. At least 10 phone calls were made to Israeli commanders over a period of six hours warning that artillery and aerial bombardments were either dangerously close to or hitting the monitors' building. Tzipi Livny said ""There will never be an [Israeli] army commander that will intentionally aim at civilians or UN soldiers [sic]"

On Gaza:
Simon Peres at Davos, "Why did they fire rockets? There was no siege against Gaza. Why did they fight us, what did they want? There was never a day of starvation in Gaza."

Why am I ranting about them again?
Maybe because they're the 'Great Democratic Nation'? Free speech, anyone?

And the Ups part for my rollercoaster tonight is Islamicate : islam doesn't speak, muslims do.
Always a great site to visit.


Johnathan said...

I don't know where you see racism in the first article. I'd figure a mother to two boys would agree that a important lesson that a child should learn when growing up is the taking of responsability. The same goes for countries. As the Palestinians had help from UNRWA from 1948, you'de think the 700,000 refugees would rehabilitate themselves if not wholly then at least to the level the arab jews rehabilitated themselves in Israel. But no, it is easier whinig that other caused you problems (as a mother you should recognize that stage as the infantile stage, before the child takes responsability).

And about freedom of speach, well, as you linked to a TV show that was aired (at it must have slipped from the eyes of the faked "jewish control of the media"), and as I can link you to a dozen more websites of Israelis that critize their government, you are free to say there is no freedom of speech in the USA and Israel. But then, to impress me, please uncover my eyes and show me the great "malaysian freedom of speech". Show me websites and articles that critize the malayian government, for, yes, we know that since the 13 of may anyone in malaysia that wants to say his opinion is free to do so even if it contradicts the government.

nindee said...

It's racism, in my opinion, because there's not even a word about Israeli Occupation or injustice to Palestinians.

Why Israel act like a spoilled child and won't take any responsibility for her actions?

"It is easier whining that other caused your problems"

Why the refusal to recognize that in 1947 and 1948 Jewish fighters embarked upon a policy of ethnic cleansing that succeeded in driving tens of thousands of Palestinians from their fields and villages? And many years onwards.

Why the refusal to acknowledge the killing, wounding, arresting, destroying, demolishing, in occupied territories?

This reality isn't forced upon the Israelis: they are creating it. They too have the power to change it.

I agree with you, there are alot of websites of Israelis that critize their government.
And Haaretz is a good source too.

I didn't say there's no freedom of speech in the USA and Israel, did I?
But it's just so unbelievably absurd how easily people use anti-semit accusation.
Academics who suggest that Jews wield considerable political influence should be banned from speaking, or, better yet, fired. Human right activists are being called as terrorist's supporters.
Would that make the statements made by Desmond Tutu or Jimmy Carter as anti-Semitic or Neo-Nazi garbage?

That's my case against zionist's freedom of speech.

Thank you for informing me about malaysian freedom of speech. I already knew that.

nindee said...

As a mom of two boys i will teach my children to love and not to hate. I also will teach them the moral courage to stand up and speak up against injustices.

zingtrial said...

Equality, good race relations……………………………….
A racial crime is something committed against a victim solely because of their race. This can include physical abuse/assault, verbal or written abuse, damage to property, and displaying or circulating racist material.
Everyone has the right to live peacefully and free from discrimination at home, in public and at work. Therefore if you are a victim of a racial crime, it’s important that you report it to stop it happening to others as well as yourself. The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 created new ‘racially aggravated offences’ such as harassment, assault, grievous bodily harm, and criminal damages, which carry significantly higher penalties for offenders.
A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person. Racism can take place in many forms, such as:

* Verbal abuse - name calling or using racist language
* Physical abuse
* Bullying
* Racist graffiti
* Not being given equal opportunities at work
* Being under-employed at work
* Offensive literature
"I hold it to be of great prudence for men to abstain from threats and insulting words towards any one, for neither the one nor the other in any way diminishes the strength of the enemy; but the one makes him more cautious, and the other increases his hatred of you, and makes him more persevering in his efforts to injure you.
Mankind must put an end to war,
or war will put an end to mankind.
Wishing you well

Johnathan said...

Racism: Prejudice or discrimination based upon race.

The article might be wrong, might be unfair, but racist? WTF? Every single wrong thing in GAZA is Israel's fault? Are you joking? The PLO getting executed and maimed by HAMAS is Israel's fault? The stealing of food and blankets from the UN by HAMAS is Israel's fault?

I don't know where you live, lady, but it's defenitly a dream-world.

What responsability do you want Israel to take? to open the borders to other things except humanitarian aid and stand by while the HAMAS rearms itself?

Israel is not perfect. Israelis even did horrid things in 1948, during the war, but there are two buts.

But #1: The amount of cases of unjust horrid cases from 1948 summed up by historians (even the most left-winged Israel-hating historians from the UK) don't go over 900 people. Every single cases is horrid and shouldn't have happened, but 900 is a small number compaired to the killings in Darfour (1.5 million), Iran-Iraq war (1 million), Sri-Lanka (70000), Algerian civil war (170000)

and that is without considering that the arab countries killed jewish civilians without reason as well.

But #2:
In Israel, we have freedom of speech. That is why the arab parties can run to the parliment even is they say they are against the state. And that is why there is public talk about things that are not consensus (even the last war in GAZA). But, the fact that Israel talks about bad things she as a state did, is not a reason to blame her in all the wrongs of the world (especially when there is no Arab country on earth with freedom of speech, meaning the arab leaders control every thing sais the media).
The arab countries and peoples have a (at least) equal share in making of all this mess. Nobody woke up one morning and said " It's boring, let's siege GAZA. Wait, it's not interesting enough, let's bomb it". Anybody thinking like that is either an idiot, a blinded Schmuck or a racist who thinks jews are bloodthirsty. In a card game there is more than one player.

And about the refugees:
The Arab countries are the ones refusing to acknowledge the fact that a million arab jews were driven out of their homes and countries to Israel in 1948 (and therefore refusing to let them safe return or compensation). Israel on the other hand acknowledges the fact that there are 700,000 palestinian refugees who ran (or were droven away) in 1948, it just refuses to let them return, as it says there has been enough of people-transfer around here.
I wouldn't say it makes Israel the villain in this story.

nindee said...

Hei, English isn't my daily languange. But I think 'WTF' is a little bit rude, no?
John, zionism makes racism (racism as Prejudice or discrimination based upon race). And the article supports zionism. And sometimes we do find racism thoughts in religious extremists everywhere.

"Nobody woke up one morning and said " It's boring, let's siege GAZA. Wait, it's not interesting enough, let's bomb it"."

Yup, you're right.
First I thought it was because the broken cease fire. But I learned that it wasn't. It was planned, Marg Regev said. But not after lying about Hamas broke the truce first.
A lot of lies and propagandas here and there, don't you think?

But Israel as the villain? Not the ONLY villain perhaps yes. Nothing is good about any suicide bombers everywhere. Hamas, Fatah, they're no angel either. But Israel IS the oppressor.

For But 1# :
Just because others doing bad things doesn't mean we have the right to do the same.
Don't give me those numbers thingies.
One single life is precious enough.

For But 2# :
"In Israel, we have freedom of speech". Good for you :) Keep the good job. Enjoy the critics.

I really hope people in Palestine and Israel (and everywhere else) will finally live in peace.

I defeinitely live in Indonesia, John. Not a dream-world at all.

nindee said...

Typo. My bad.
Keep up the good job, i mean.