Monday, February 16, 2009

Stealing The Land

If they thought the conflict in Holy Land was all about Gaza and Hamas, think again. This is what happens on a daily basis in Occupied Territories.

This is the story.

Thanks to International Solidarity Movement.

Prior to 1979, most Palestinian land was expropriated under the rubric "for military purposes." While the land may have been initially used for the billeting of military units, in many cases the area was quickly turned over to civilian settlement.
This method of land acquisition fell into abeyance following an Israeli High Court ruling prohibiting the seizure of land for military purposes when it was, in fact, intended for civilian settlement.
Following the High Court ruling, the military government relied in part on Military Order 59 (Order Concerning Government Property) to declare unregistered land state property.
As the military government had suspended the registration of land in 1968, it was relatively easy for the Israeli authorities to expropriate vast amounts of land under this procedure.

Rja Shehadeh, a Palestinian lawyer and writer who lives in Ramallah wrote about this systematic land grabbing by Israel in his book, Palestinian Walks (Jalan-Jalan di Palestina : Catatan Atas Negeri Yang Menghilang, penerbit Gramedia).
A touching, honest and beautiful story.

A sad story...
update from Haaretz:

Some 1,700 dunams of land in the northern part of Efrat were declared state land last week, paving the way for the West Bank settlement to start the process of seeking government approval to build there.

The Civil Administration issued the declaration after rejecting eight appeals by Palestinians against the move. A ninth appeal was accepted, and the land covered by this appeal was consequently removed from Efrat's jurisdiction

With such actions, you can’t tell the world that Israel wants peace.


Bar Kochba said...

Might I ask you who is occupying these territories? To whom does this territory belong under international law? Is it the property of a sovereign state?

nindee said...

Hi Bar Kochba, long time no see.
And can I assume you've already had your answer?

Ah,I'll answer your serious questions anyway.

Israel is the occupier power. That's why Gaza and West Bank are The Occupied Territories.
International humanitarian law prohibits the occupying power to transfer citizens from its own territory to the occupied territory (Fourth Geneva Convention, article 49). The Hague Regulations prohibit the occupying power to undertake permanent changes in the occupied area, unless these are due to military needs in the narrow sense of the term, or unless they are undertaken for the benefit of the local population.

The establishment of the settlements leads to the violation of the rights of the Palestinians as enshrined in international human rights law. Among other violations, the settlements infringe the right to self-determination, equality, property, an adequate standard of living, and freedom of movement.

Just read some statements by UN, EU and ICJ.