Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1 Kite For Rachel, 14 Kites For Palestinians

A great post from tales to tell.

Our Rafah ISM colleagues (both of whom worked with Rachel) invited us south for a commemoration kite-flying today; 1 kite to comemorate ISMer Rachel Corrie who was killed by Israel on this day in 2003, and 14 kites to commemorate the over 1,400 Palestinians killed by Israel in Dec 08/Jan 09. They also invited local artists to paint a section of the Israeli wall near where Rachel was killed.

My comrade J writes…

“Today is the 6 year anniversary of the murder of my friend and comrade Rachel Corrie. I was with her when she was crushed to death by a US-made Caterpillar Israeli Military Bulldozer as she stood nonviolently protecting a Palestinian civilian home. There are memorial services happening all over the country, I will be presenting and performing at one in Kansas City and will also be doing a live radio broadcast at 10pm
Central time that you can listen to online at http://www.kkfi.org/”

He’s written a poem for Rachel today and I will finish with some words from it

…So many remember you, but forget the thousands of Palestinians
They remember you but have never heard of Tom, or James, or Nabila or Ali…

As I’ve traveled this land speaking of your last stand
Still clutching to your hand, extending out of the sand

I accept that I cannot pull you out
But we
Might keep the rest of us
From being pulled under…


Chet said...

It is a great post! Thanks for posting this.

Bar Kochba said...

Its incredible how you idealize a terrorist sympathizer. Corrie jumped in front of a bulldozer that was demolishing a weapons smuggling tunnel from Egypt. Hamas was using it to bring in weapons to Gaza to be used against Israel. It is pure slander to say that Israel intentionally killed her. The IDF Judge Advocate’s Office concluded: “The driver at no point saw or heard Corrie. She was standing behind debris which obstructed the view of the driver and the driver had a very limited field of vision due to the protective cage he was working in.” An autopsy revealed that the bulldozer never rolled over Corrie: she was killed when debris dislodged by the bulldozer struck her head.

Corrie was a fool and a useful idiot for Hamas murderers. I shed no tears over her or her ilk.

nindee said...

@ Chet : You're the most welcome, sir. Nice to have you back again.

@ BK : Is there any hope for your soul? Really.
From deep in my heart i pray you won't feel the same grieves that Rachel Corrie's or Thomas Hurndall's family have gone through.
It still amazes me, how you zionist would say anything to make you feel good about yourselves...

Bar Kochba said...

I feel bad for Rachel Corrie's family. Their daughter was used by terrorists as a human shield. They should be in an uproar over how they used and abused her. Corrie dove in front of a bulldozer trying to stop arms smuggling. She gave her life for terrorists bringing weapons into Gaza to kill Jews. No tears.

nindee said...

Now you change your tone!

And where did you get your facts?

Rachel Corrie and her ISM friends were and are doing their non-violent peace activism against that terrorism acts by state of Israel.
12,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished since 1967, many in the course of Israel's collective punishment policy and to make way for the separation barrier and illegal Settlements.

Rachel was killed while preventing the demolition of the house of a Palestinian pharmacist Samid Nasrallah by the Israeli army.

Smuggling tunnels? Why don't you ask US to stop the military aid used to kill Palestinian civilians?

Sure, she just jumped in front of the bulldozer. Sure, the killer didn't see her fluorescent jackets.

Jeez BK, now I'm angry!
I won't publish more of your lies. You didn't seem to understand how crapulent it is to beat up on a dead person who can't defend themself.

Rachel Corrie doesn't need your tears. AT ALL!!!