Monday, March 16, 2009

Remembering Rachel Corrie (1979-March 16, 2003)

My thoughts go out to them :

Rachel Corrie, she's only a year older than me...

Tom Hurndall, a 21-year-old photography student, was shot six years ago in Rafah, Gaza.

James Miller, After he died, his colleagues finished the film, with an ending he had never envisioned: his own killing. Its title was “Death in Gaza,” and it won a host of awards, including three Emmys.

Fadel Shana'a, a 23 years old palestinian journalist.

Tristan Anderson, hope he'll recover...

and every Humanitarian workers, human rights activists and journalists in Palestine.

And whose gaze turned from one of trust to astonished alarm? The driver, who trusted that Rachel would leap away before it was too late? Or Rachel, who trusted that the driver would halt the vehicle one tread sooner?

Ever more relevant is “Season of the Camomile” by the late Palestinian poet Samir Rantisi, written in 1988, soon after the killing of an Israeli and a Palestinian near the village of Beita. An excerpt:

How many more ordinary mornings
will fill us with horror
and transform our day to another sky;
who chose us
to be the victim and the symbol
to be the beginning of the beginnings,
the moment of historical trial;
we, the two dreamers,
the routine, the ordinary,
who chose us
to be the heart of the conflict
and the crossroads of time

why didn't you find someone besides me to be a symbol?
why didn't they find someone besides you to be a victim?
why could they only find Beita in the spring.

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