Monday, March 23, 2009

A (Not So) Democratic Nation

Again, another example of Western's freedom of speech and democracy.

Canada banned peace activist from entering the country.
The outspoken anti-war MP George Galloway has been banned from entering Canada on the grounds of national security.

Mr Galloway was due to give a speech in Toronto next week but has been deemed "inadmissible" to Canada under section 34(1) of the country's immigration act.

Mr Galloway, an opponent of the war in Afghanistan where Canadian troops are deployed as part of international forces, said the ban was "not something I'm prepared to accept" and pledged to use all means at his disposal to challenge the ruling.

And George Galloway's response is Canada can't muzzle me.

Go Galloway!

And here's something about Viva Palestina. Also, some great and hillarious articles by Mark Steel (Thanks, Mr. Steel!).

Out of Topic, but I'm so happy to read new posts from two people this morning (2 am @ Jakarta)!!!!!

Beautiful new spring pictures from Climbing Walls and a new post from Tabula Gaza.

from a canadian blog

A few fascinating points about this interview:

- It takes Weinstein less than 2 minutes to bring up Hitler, Nazis and the death of 6 million Jews, making a strong case for Godwin's Law.

- Weinstein's depiction of Hamas as fanatical, hell-bent on the destruction of Israel, etc etc, is grossly incorrect, given the fact that Hamas has publicly stated that it would recognize Israel along 1967 borders.

- Weistein's rationale for banning Galloway: Canada says Hamas is a terrorist organization, therefore Galloway giving aid to Hamas makes him a threat to national security. Canadian NGOs have given aid to Hamas- yet for some reason they aren't threats to national security. Hmmm... all this relies on the Canadian government's assessment of Hamas being accurate, which would also assume that our government is not staffed by ignorant dolts.

- Check out Weinstein depicting anti-war church groups as targets with "links to terror groups" and randomly imply that they are Iranian proxies! Funnily enough, the JDL has its own ties to terror, and Weinstein was a spokesperson for Kach in 1994, which is considered a terrorist organization by Canada.

Last but not least, some facts to sum things up:
George W. Bush, responsible for anywhere from 99,000 to a million Iraqi deaths:
Welcomed into Canada.

George Galloway, whose activist work aims to prevent war around the world:
Denied entry into Canada.

Well said, my unknown fellow Canadian.

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Young Activist said...

Ha, a member of the JDL talking about terrorist organizations, what a joke!