Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back On Track

I haven't wrote for...what? 2 weeks?
Hmm, a lot of things and thoughts. Didn't have enough time for all of them.
Plus, Damar and Dimas need my time more and more everyday. Dimas will sit in front of me or climb my back everytime i turn on my computer ^^

Also, it is that easy to forget, like i've wrote before. And it's easy not to write. It's easy just to live our everyday life without being haunted by depressing thought, or affected by hatred you can find everywhere on the net.

I visited hummusmonster's blog today. He wrote "A person could have never completed that journey."

I guess he's right.

Well, I read this letter in The Jakarta Post
The fragile ceasefire in Gaza has been broken by both sides. The Israeli actions are understandable, even if one does not support them: They are designed to stop ongoing rocket fire upon its civilians.

The continued Palestinian rocket fire cannot be so easily sympathized with. There is no element of defence in the Palestinian rocket fire.

The aims of the Palestinian rockets are to kill and maim, and to entice Israel to react. If anyone is interested in creating peace, the key is, as it always has been, stopping Palestinian violence.

Michelle Moshelian
Givatayim, Israel

Having reading a lot of, I mean A LOT OF, articles and comments about Israel-Palestine, I think this letter is the worst of their kind.
This is my comment (still waiting for moderation at the time i write this post):
Another bad justification and Hasbara failure for Zionist's occupation and crimes againsts humanity. Israel must stop building illegal settlements, stop demolishing homes and farms, stop the land grabbing (as described by UN, EU, ICJ and NGO's like Btselem, Amnesty International etc), stop humiliating people using check points and stop Israeli violence.
Just because I'm Indonesian doesn't mean I don't read Haaretz or Btselem. Check your facts again!

I'm back on my track on this journey again.

On my daily basis, my children are my best distraction.
This is Damar with his classmates and teachers.

We are so blessed...
I wish every child in the world can live a happy and peaceful life...


sss said...

You said my letter was "the worst of their kind".
Is it because it points out an uncomfortable truth?

In your response you refer to check points and Israeli violence, (and more).
Check points and Israeli violence (for example) are a direct response to Palestinian violence.
Stop the violence and there would be no need for check points or Israeli responses.

You can complain as much as you like about Israeli actions, but the vast majority of Israel actions are a direct response to Palestinian violence or terror.

If you really care about the Palestinians then the solution is stopping the Palestinian terrorist groups. That is the only thing that will bring peace....

nindee said...

Hello, Michelle Moshelian from Givatayim, Israel.
I still wonder why you choosed to send the letter to The Jakarta Post...

yes,It makes me uncomfortably sad and angry to see how zionists treat Palestinians.
And from your comment I guess truth has different faces.

My response for you is my next post: photo of the day. See it for yourself.

I kinda sick and tired of the rhetoric, of the oppressor who always speak and act as the victim.

sss said...

when you say the photo of the day, do you mean the one that says "Israel did this and that and that and that. All I did was fire a rocket back"?

Israel waited for EIGHT years before responding with great force to Palestinian rocket fire.

If there had been no rocket fire there would have been no attack on Gaza. Do you disagree with that statement?

There is no 'similar' opposite statement such as "If there had been no occupation, there would have been no rocket attack on Israel", or "If there had been no settlements, there would have been no rocket attack on Israel", or "If there had been no checkpoints, there would have been no rocket attack on Israel".

The only factual statement that can be applied is "If there had been no Israel, there would have been no rocket attack on Israel".

Israel is the stronger party military, economically and morally (in my opinion). But it IS the true victim since its fate does not lie in its own hands, while the fate of the Palestinians lies with the choices made by Palestinian leaders.

When the Palestinians choose peace, peace will come. When Egypt was ready for peace, Israel had been there waiting. Same too for Jordan. And same too if the Palestinians are ever ready.

Honestly - do u not apply any blame to Hamas for the situation of the Palestinians?

nindee said...

Michelle, history didn't start 8 years ago.

I disagree with your statement. Gaza was and is under siege and under attack on daily basis.

Two sides have their own mistakes. Why don't Israel take responsibilities for hers? Hamas isn't the angel, but neither is the State of Israel.

You can't be a democratic and a zionist state at the same time.

Read LA Times. Even they published "Zionism is the problem".

Time's changed, no?