Monday, January 12, 2009

Fight Fair

Another rainy and cloudy day here in Jakarta.
Bad weather lately. Feeling sad for the passengers of Teratai Prima Ferry.

As the bad weather goes on, so does the grim reality.
I guess I'm tired with those shocking words and hatreds in the internet. From both sides. I'm sorry my fellows, you can say your interpretations about any religion as u like, but I still believe every soul and life is precious. I still believe we should treat others as we wish to be treated. You can't beat people in Monas, nor bomb a restaurant in Bali and say it's a Jihad.
If I hate zionists it's because of their crimes against humanity, not because they're jews.

And, I'm so sick with the facts that some people really okay (if not glad) to see hundreeds of children and mothers die. "Three less terrorists in the world", they said, having seen a picture of the bodies of three gazan toddlers.
Perhaps it's never been about Hamas, or Fatah, or PLO. It's some kind of hatred that makes people forget that we're all the same. Human, with blood and flesh, heart and mind.
And i don't believe they want peace with Palestinians, nor two states solution. War is exciting and risky for some people. It clouds their senses and brings out the worst aspect of so-called 'patriotism'.

And now I'm doing the blame game again...

While reading the sydney morning herald's articles i found this old story.

The Emperor Nero was upset that his prized lions were being distressed by Christians who ran away from them in the Colosseum. Nero ordered that at the next circus a Christian was to be buried up to his neck in the sand to make things easier for the lions. When the lions entered the ring, the biggest and meanest saw the hapless condemned, swaggered over and stood astride the Christian's head, roaring for approval from the crowd. At that moment, the Christian craned his neck and bit off the lion's testicles. The crowd was shocked. "Fight fair! Fight fair!" they yelled.

The Zeitoun airstrikes.
The white phosphorus bombs.
The tanks and infantry from the ground, the Apache, F-16 and helicopter gunships from the air, the naval combat ships from the sea.
The bombing of 1.5 million people in a cage made by the State of Israel.
More than 900 Palestinians dead. More than 4000 wounded.

Self defense.
Fight fair.


Yehudi said...

Fight fair? Are you kidding me? You should be referring to the terrorists that have fired over 4000 missles into Israel at innocent civilians? Over 100 during the "Cease-fire" that Hamas asked for? Israel held back for years, watching it's own civilians wounded, killed, living in fear while hoping that peace can be achieved somehow. Finally, enough is enough. We have a saying here in the US: "Mess with the bull, you get the horns." We have the right to live in Israel in peace and with a reasonable expectation of security, just as you do living in Jakarta.

nindee said...

do you, in any way, know that people who live in Jakarta didn't throw other people from their own houses and make them refugee for years?

held back for years? yeah right...

jonathan said...

you wrote: "some people really okay (if not glad) to see hundreds of children and mothers die."

Anyone who is okay or glad with that is a senseless idiot, never mind on what sides he is on.

By no means does Israel's civilians not care about the killings. Of course we care (and protest to our government).

But, as we live day to day lives in southern Israel, we know that Israel had no options but a military act versus HAMAS.

The problem is a one without a solution. How do you stop a terrorist organization when it acts within civilians, and not just that but within the densest place on earth (4500 people/square km)?

It sound horrible (and it is), at the amount of people hurt until now (5000 killed or wounded out of 1.5 million) it is a pretty surgical army action (and I really despise using that horrid word).

Johnathan, Bombed Beer Sheva

Bar Kochba said...

Nindee, in 1948, hundreds of thousands of Arabs fled voluntarily at the behest of invading Arabs armies. They were told that they would return once Israel was defeated. Many Israeli mayors actually pleaded with them not to flee! For 60 years, their Arab "brethren" have kept them in refugee camps to be used as pawns against Israel. Never did they settle them in their own land to end their suffering.

On the other hand, in 1948, close to a million Sephardic Jews from Arab countries in which they had lived for thousands of years were expelled. They lost billions of dollars in property. Israel, although the amount of refugees was practically equal to Israel's population at that time, accepted them. They did not allow them to languish in camps but now they are integral part of the state.

The Jews have relinquished their right to return to their original countries. The Arabs should do the same as well. Don't justify bombing civilians in Sderot and Ashkelon by whining about "refugees".

nindee said...

You've got me wrong Bar kochba, I've never justified the bombing of Sderot and Ashkelon.

It is understable, but not justifiable.

Don't whining about 'rockets' too, then, will ya.