Friday, January 9, 2009

News from Mona

Gaza Update
by Mona El-farra

8th of January -13th day of the Israeli Attack against Gaza

720 are killed
including :
-215 children
-89 women
-12 1st aid health workers

more than 3000 are injured many with serious injuries

11 ambulances were attacked and destroyed while on duty

health workers are not allowed to evacute many of the injured ,in many occasions
the medical teams face new sort of burns , there is a possibility that israel uses white phosphorus against civilians ,INVESTIGATION IS NEEDED AT ONCE .
health teams in Gaza need to be assisted , as they are overwhelmed with the increasing numbe rof the casualities and lack of supplies and electricity ,
new born babies inside the hospitals are under great threat , due to power flactuation in the special care baby units SCBU

43 were killed inside one of the UN schools , were those fleed to the school ,as their homes were under heavy shelling or destroyed ,the UN asked for immediate investigation and denied Israeli claim of the presence of armed men inside the school

no electricity in Gaza
80%of areas have no water, due to the destroyment of the infra structure, due to the heavy shelling
70%of telecommunications are destroyed too

yesterday Israeli army allowed 3 hours of ceasfire , so the civilians can go to get thier supplies,but there were no enough bread, vegetables, meat, grosseries and no cash with the population, and thousands are homeless!

thousands of Rafah citizens at the moment are homeless, have been evacuated , and their homes were demolished at the southern part of rafah on the borders ,.

i am indirect contact with my fellow doctors in gaza, but may be i will lose this contact soon ,as the communications is getting less , and this will lead to real catastrophy on the level of evacuating of the injured

PRAY FOR US this is usual message i receive from friends, neighbours and relatives in Gaza

thank you all for your solidarity , friendship , and humanitarian concern


Tonight it's 763...

The newest incident was UN aid convoy with UN flags hit by Israeli tanks at the Erez crossing, during the 3 hours 'humanitarian aid'. One Palestinian driver killed.

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