Friday, January 2, 2009

Rekening Bantuan Palestina

Remember them, the children of Gaza...

Salurkan bantuan anda untuk rakyat Palestina melalui:

BCA, a.n. Medical Emergency Rescue Committee
No. Rek. 686.0153678
Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI), a.n. MER-C
No. Rek. 301.00521.15
Bank Syariah Mandiri (BSM), a.n. Medical Emergency Rescue Committee
No. Rek. 009.0121.773
SMS Donasi: MERC PEDULI kirim ke 7505 (Donasi Rp 5.000,-sms + biaya operator + PPn)

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Chet said...

I only speak english but by the picture I can see your concern for the children. It breaks my heart that the Palestinian children are suffering so much. There is no need for that. The world needs to really step in and put a stop to it. I am ashamed that the US seems to be blind and support Israels atrocities toward the Palestinians.

nindee said...

I'm sorry for my english :)
I have concern for children and people everywhere.Here in Indonesia, as u probably know we have a lot of problems also. Poverty, corruption, children and women trafficking, racial and religious conflict, environmental problems, etc.
I'm just a simple full time mom of two boys who try to raise her children to be a kind, loving, humble and strong person.
These gloomy days, i watch my children sleeping and playing...and i wish every children, every human being, everywhere can live a peaceful life.
You're right, sir, i don't know how can the world can be so blind.
Thanks for your thoughful words.