Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rainy Days and Us

Class room.

The friendship tree.

Damar, "don't take my picture, mamah!"

It was raining hard since dawn.
But Damar is always more than happy to go to school ^^
With our 'water-proof uniform' we went to Damar's school, about 2 km from home, by motorbike.
Another normal day at school for Damar. Jangan lupa bersyukur ya, Nak...

Dimas Arga Nurtsany

Another cloudy days.


jonathan said...

you have a very cute child.

nindee said...

Dear Jonathan in Beer Sheva,
how are you and your family?

Thank you.
In fact, i have two precious little boys.

As an outsider, I've been following what happen in Palestine and Israel for years.
I hope, in any way, for the children's sake, things will be better for everyone in both sides.

All you want is for Hamas to stop the rockets, no?
All the Gazan and people who care right now want is for your government to stop the killing.

God bless you.

Yehudi said...

This should make you proud...a terrorist who admits to using innocent civilians in Gaza as shields. Hear it straight from a terrorist's mouth:

Let me ask you a real question, and be honest with your answer:

If all the countries that surround Israel agreed to completely disarm and disband, including Hamas, Hizbollah, and the other terrorist groups, do you honestly think Israel would take the opportunity to invade them? No, Israel would be more than happy to live in peace, no longer worried about terrorist attacks and rocket bombardments.

Now, let's reverse the question. If Israel suddenly announced today that they are disarming and disbanding their military, how long do you think it would take for every nation around her to invade? Syria, Lebanon, Hizbollah, Hamas, and every other arab would be storming across the borders within hours of the announcement. That is the difference between them and us. We genuinely want peace but are forced to fight, and so we must fight harder than everyone else because it's for our very survival every time.

nindee said...

Yehudi, no,
there's nothing to be proud of. Stop using sarcasm and rhetorical words, it won't get us anywhere.

Ah, I forgot, you're the one who said "three fewer terrorists in the world" when you saw that picture of gazan toddler bodies.

Guess I can't expect more than that from you.

I would be very happy to give an honest answer for your real question. Based on facts and not just opinion.

But again, what's the point?
You only see what you want to see.

I won't take any rude words from you.

Yehudi said...

I would be very interested in your answer...no sarcasm, just honesty. That's also what you'll get from me.

jonathan said...


Even though I disagree with Yehudi's attitude ( I was brought up to be polite to people as long as they are polite to you),I agree with him in that that I think that the lack of peace in the middle east is not Israel.

Of course there extrimists in Israel as well, but the Islamic anti-jewish movement in the middle east is a lot stronger and influencial in their countries than the Israeli extremests will ever be.

jonathan said...

* fifth row from top should be:

that I think that the lack of peace in the middle east is not largly or soley Israel's fault.