Thursday, January 22, 2009

Never To Forget

It really is that easy to forget. Just turn off your tv. Stay away from internet. Then it'll go away. But my eyes and my hand have betrayed me. I turned on the tv again, watched Aljazeera "Gaza in Ruins" 16.00 WIB. And there he was, the former Israeli Ambassador for something. I forget his name.

Still detached from reality as others who support this, this...i don't know what to say anymore. And his justifications for the killing?
Still the same old despicable words. Nonsense propaganda.
I think i'll use Gideon Levy's words, since i'm so upset to write something.

Justifying the most brutal war Israel has ever fought and in so doing are complacent in the fraud that the "occupation of Gaza is over"

Justifying mass killings by evoking the alibi that Hamas "deliberately mingles between its fighters and the civilian population."

Judging a helpless people denied a government and army - which includes a fundamentalist movement using improper means to fight for a just cause, namely the end of the occupation - in the same way you judge a regional power, which considers itself humanitarian and democratic but which has shown itself to be a brutal and cruel conqueror.

Geez, I was (and still) so sicked by that Israel spokeperson I finally threw something at my tv set. Wew, so childish.

I was so frustrated.
And then I read this post, written by an Australian activist Sharyn Lock.

The strength of Gaza people astounds me. Everyone was out today fixing things. Re-laying water pipes, clearing rubble. Putting aside the thoughts of the children who are dead, to smile for the children who are still alive. How is it done? Where do they find the courage? And what will be their reward for getting up and going on, one more time?

What will be their reward? I don't know. I won't dare to guess.
Only Palestinians themselves have the right to answer that.
I'm just glad that they're alive.
And that the world won't forget them.

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Chet said...

I hope people never forget what is going on in Gaza.